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We help chemical R&D leaders develop their leadership skills so they can build successful innovation cultures that consistently launch profitable innovations.


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Why Choose NIVO Innovations? 


What is your poor innovation culture costing you?


Are your scientists:

  • Struggling to quickly & effectively launch successful innovations?

  • Not having the knowledge, experience, or time to grow their innovation skills?

  • Not performing, engaging, or working cohesively as a team?


Or perhaps as an innovation leader:

  • You've stepped into leadership, but don't know what it takes to be an effective leader.

  • Don't have the time or resources to develop high performing teams or their skills.

  • You're not attracting top scientific talent or you're struggling to keep them.

  • You're not staying on top of the current best practices in leadership, innovation management & strategies.


At NIVO Innovations, we have the tools, experience, & know-how to help you grow your innovation leadership skills so you can be confident, powerful, & successful in leading high-performing teams & building cultures of innovation excellence! 


NIVO Innovations is your partner in innovation & growth.



We equip innovation leaders with the tools & training they need to advance their teams & make significant strides in their fields.


We provide robust frameworks that foster cultures of innovation excellence & leadership, driving long-term revenue & profitable growth.


Our comprehensive services, personalized coaching, & supportive community are designed to help you & your team overcome challenges, seize opportunities, & thrive in your industry.


Choose NIVO Innovations! Together, let's innovate, grow, & excel!


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What We Do

The 4 Buckets of A Successful Innovation Cultures


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Get Effective Results With The C-SETTM Framework!

We communicate at each step of the way, as we know that information is the lifeblood of any organization.

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We start off every project or initiative by developing a robust strategy & mapping out the road to success.

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We then execute the plan using best practices in innovation, project management, lean, & leadership principles.

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We test to see how we are doing, then tweak the strategy as needed to ensure we hit the goals & deliver successful results.

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Founder & President of NIVO Innovations
When I was young, I discovered I had a knack for problem solving.  This was driven by an inherent curiosity to learning why things work, asking why things don't workexperimenting ways to making it work, & never giving up.  This fueled a life-long passion for solving challenging, technical problems. 
I started my career developing many novel innovations & solving complex polymer & chemical formula issues for numerous industrial, aerospace, automotive, medical device, electronics, food sanitation, wood composite decking, biofuels, paints & coatings, CASE, & OEM companies.
After 8 years of being on the bench, I stepped into leadership & quickly discovered my 2nd passion in life: strategic leadership!  I became immersed in learning how to effectively manage & lead technical scientists, create high performing teams, & leverage strategic tools to create successful cultures of innovation.
With over 17 years of industry experience, half in technical leadership, & the education (B.S., M.S. in Chemistry, Executive MBA), I know what it takes to achieve & sustain a successful innovation culture!


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