$3,499.00 USD

NIVO Leadership Program

Tailored leadership tools specifically designed for ambitious women. Experience direct coaching from Nicki Vo, and be part of a lifetime community ensuring your continuous evolution in leadership.

Our goal is to pioneer the path for women in leadership, offering tools that shape influential, effective leaders. Immerse yourself in transformative leadership coaching and discover tools, strategies, and mentorship that can redefine your leadership journey.

Here's What You'll Receive:

  • 1-Year of Group Coaching - Equip yourself with collective insights and experiences.
    Valued at $7,200

  • Lifetime Access to the NIVO Leadership Program - Your personal leadership encyclopedia.
    Value: Priceless

  • 1-Year of 1-on-1 Coaching with Nicki Vo - Receive direct and tailored guidance.
    Valued at $8,400

  • Unlimited Access to the NIVO Community - Connect, collaborate, and grow with fellow leaders.
    Value: Priceless

  • Learning from a Top 40 MBA Graduate - Gain insights from a top-tier educational background.
    Valued at $100,000

  • 10 Years of High-Level Leadership Experience from Nicki - Leverage Nicki's decade of leadership prowess.
    Value: Priceless